We go out of our way to ensure the client is confident in our work and stress-free during the project execution process. Every single task of our company is devoted to the client’s satisfaction.


We use Hostrings for our small business website. I've found that Kevin and the whole team are so responsive to our questions and always professional and courteous. They are a great set of people to work with and a company that is about the long-term business relationship and not about a quick sale or quick upsale.

- Bonnie D
Compatto Yarn Salon

I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your ability to meet the deadline with an amazing deliverable. You and your team are clearly professional and skilled.

- Frank Gibbs
Beat Rock

We’d like to extend our thanks for all of your hard work with launching out awesome website. You and your team have been a pleasure to work with and we appreciate all you’ve done to help get the kick-ass site up and running.

- Rebecca Harness

Hostrings has helped us at Cinemagadgets.com create a very compelling and competitive website. We have had some very complex programming issues to overcome and Hostrings has always been there to figure it out and get the site running smoothly the way we want it to. We appreciate that their customer service is always there to answer our questions. The people at Hostrings are part of our team and we intend to keep it that way for a long time.

- Oktay Ortabasi
CEO, Cinemagadgets.com

What brought you to HOSTRINGS?
I found HOSTRINGS on the web. Liked your work compared to other companies. The fact that you were local was important to me.

What did you think of the project’s rate of progress?
I think it went really well. Everyone was really responsive. I didn’t have to wait a week for a response.

What did you think of the overall quality of work?
I thought it was excellent for the price that was charged.

Were you able to reach a HOSTRINGS representative when you had a question or comment?

How would you rate your interactions with the HOSTRINGS representatives?
My interactions went really well. No problems; straight forward answers.

How would you rate your overall experience with HOSTRINGS?
My overall experience was excellent; a 10.

What do you think of the overall value of the services provided by HOSTRINGS?
On scale of 1-10; I would give a 10. HOSTRINGS did a really good job for the cost. The site received a really good response from consumers.

Finally, would you use HOSTRINGS again and suggest HOSTRINGS to friends and colleagues?

“HOSTRINGS was an excellent, responsive, cost effective tool for me to get my message out on the internet. The page looked amazing, and we had a very good, solid response from it.”

- Terry O’Neil
V.O. Enterprises, LLC

What brought you to HOSTRINGS?
I did some research with about 3 or 4 other companies. Talked with Drew and I felt like he knew what I needed.

What did you think of the project’s rate of progress?
I am used to working in a fast paced environment. I would get a little annoyed with the rate of communication because of how quick getting an answer in my industry is. I would be worried that something was wrong when I wouldn’t hear a response for a few days. It would have been better to get some type of response, even if the answer was not known right away. I felt like contacting too much was annoying us, but at the same time he was left wondering.
I did not feel that the project should have been on hold because payment wasn’t made. Site did not go live because of payment. I did not know the meaning of the project milestones versus the payments that needed to be made.
Project time line was not explained very well. I did not understand the release candidate of the site. I did not understand the process at that point. Maybe this was my fault that I did not listen carefully at first to this process.

What did you think of the overall quality of work?
I am very pleased with the site. I only have good feedback about how it looks and how it works. I got the feeling I was listened to, and that HOSTRINGS knew what I wanted for the site.

Were you able to reach a HOSTRINGS representative when you had a question or comment?
I was able to reach someone over the phone when needed. I would send a question on OneVeb, and initially was expecting an answer right away. I did eventually understand and accept that the answers would not come right away.

How would you rate your interactions with the HOSTRINGS representatives?
On a scale of 1- 10, I would rate it an 8. I had some internal frustrations because I am used to getting fast answers.

How would you rate your overall experience with HOSTRINGS?
On a scale of 1-10, I would rate a 9. At the end of the project, I felt that things were better than at the beginning of the project. I believe that I was listened to and that HOSTRINGS did exactly what he needed.

What do you think of the overall value of the services provided by HOSTRINGS?
I believe that the site is bringing value to me. It helps me to better show my clients what I am selling. It doesn’t necessarily make my life easier, but it helps me to better paint a picture to my clients who have been on the site. I see the site as something interesting and exciting to have.

Finally, would you use HOSTRINGS again and suggest HOSTRINGS to friends and colleagues?
I do already want to make some additions to the site when the funds come in. Yes, I have already recommended HOSTRINGS to a friend. I am more aware of the process and I feel that it would be easier to work with HOSTRINGS moving forward.

- Laurent Turlure
Union Crew

We've spent more than a month trying to find the perfect web design firm that can meet our demands for a great website. We worked with a templated website that didn't bring a good result so we hired a freelance web designer and waited almost a year and ended up with a mal-functioning website. After that, we knew we had to hire a professional web design firm that was not only good with graphic design but experts at creating a great backend system as well.
When we hired Hostrings, they gave us the homepage layout in less than a week. During the building process, we found features and extras that we wanted to add which was done without a problem. Now we have a great professional looking website that delivers sales and traffic. We're so happy with out website that we are in the process of making another website to cater to different clientele. My sincere gratitude to Hostrings team for delivering exactly what we wanted.

- Peter Kim
CEO, PJEE Handbags

HOSTRINGS won us over from the first phone call by responding to the RFP within a few hours. The following day they had reviewed our requirements and were prepared with a quote. We were impressed with their ability to meet our time constraints and to deliver a working prototype within two weeks.

The team has been completely professional and amazingly fast to produce results. They are quick to ask clarifying questions to grasp our goals and are open with recommendations. Communication centered around our project coordinator, Drew Wolfe, which even included a daily call to review the previous day’s activities and changes.

Our relationship continues to grow stronger and we are pleased to have HOSTRINGS as a partner in our upcoming projects.

- Richard Moshenek
EHSolution.com, LLC.

We used two other web designer/hosting companies before coming to Hostrings and have been with Hostrings for almost a decade now. During this time we have come to count on Hostrings Corporation for all our web site needs and highly recommend their fine services. Hostrings Corporation has very talented, knowledgeable, caring and dedicated personnel.

- Karin Hart, PHD
President of KarinArt, Inc.

We are extremely grateful for Hostrings helping us become super efficient with how we conduct our day to day operations. I was in charge of bringing in a Company that could help our Company become efficient through the use of Technology and God blessed us with Hostrings and their team of Super Competent individuals. In our competitive Industry of Bidding on City Contracts Hostrings has gone beyond the call of duty and has surpassed our expectations in allowing us to bring more value to our clients. Hostrings helped us build a database that is incredible, and they helped us reinvent ourselves through an awesome logo that encompasses all that we stand for. Hostrings also generated a great professional website that speaks to our valued customers. Hostrings worked with our budget and the word ‘No’ does not seem to be part of their vocabulary. If you can visualize it and explain it to them they will make it happen. Thank You Hostrings we will forever be grateful to you.

- Tony Martinez
Trimming Land Co., LLC.

Hostrings is the most professional and effective web development company in all of my experience. Hostrings built three brand new Web sites for us and executed with precision. Project manager is extremely accommodating and responsive, and has a tremendous team of sharp developers behind him. I look forward to working with Hostrings on future projects.

- Calvin Liu
Concept Enterprises, Inc.

It is difficult to find a company that is reliable and HOSTRINGS has gained my trust through the three months I have been working with them. Their response rate is so fast, something you don't find easily when it comes to outsourcing projects. We are not the easiest company to work with because our project is so different yet so specific; however, HOSTRINGS's team was always patient and knowledgeable in helping us overcome many challenges. I would recommend HOSTRINGS to anyone who looks for quality services at a great price!

- Ruby Yu
Web/Graphic Designer, www.cablesys.com

What brought you to HOSTRINGS?
A need to redesign our corporate website, improve the user design interface for ease of navigation and to present a professional corporate brand, as well as content management brought us to HOSTRINGS.

What did you think of the project’s rate of progress?
The project’s rate of progress was timely and on schedule.

What did you think of the overall quality of work?
Overall quality of work was to our satisfaction, meeting and exceeding our project requirements.

Were you able to reach a HOSTRINGS representative when you had a question or comment?
Yes, a HOSTRINGS representative was always available and responsive when we had a question or comment.

How would you rate your interactions with the HOSTRINGS representatives?
Very satisfactory.

How would you rate your overall experience with HOSTRINGS?
Very satisfied.

What do you think of the overall value of the services provided by HOSTRINGS?
Excellent value of services provided.

Finally, would you use HOSTRINGS again and suggest HOSTRINGS to friends and colleagues?
Yes, and thank you for all your wonderful help.

- Kim Chew
H&Q Asia Pacific

I would like to take this opportunity to thank HOSTRINGS team for doing an exceptional job and fulfilling the needs of our companies’ corporate website. HOSTRINGS team has designed for us, a new website from scratch, taking inputs from our marketing and successfully translating the key message for our customers through the website. The requirements were very well understood and the turnaround time for feature implementation as well as post website launch support was superb.

- Priyank Desai
Arada Systems

I have mainly dealt with Project Manager, and he is always good to work with. He is friendly and courteous and always responds promptly to any emails or phone calls from me, and any changes and problems are quickly dealt with. He is always thorough and makes sure everything is to our specifications before going ahead. I am very happy with the site he and his team designed for us.

- Hilde Klain
Musicians Institute

I’ve never written a testimonial. But, I’ll make an exception in the case of HOSTRINGS. They are awesome. My company’s bottom-line when outsourcing our design work has always been superior work, superior service, superior attitude and sensible pricing... And boy do the folks at HOSTRINGS deliver! In every instance - Not only do they step out of the box to return a high-end, high quality, customer-pleasing product… They surpass expectations with first class customer service and follow up. I continue to recommend the HOSTRINGS team to my colleagues and clients. And I highly recommend them to you.

- Delphie Roberts
Marketing Director, Silverbox Mobile, Inc.

What brought you to HOSTRINGS?
We were looking to find a company that would produce a high quality product in a timely manner. The HOSTRINGS team also offered advice and suggestions on specific issues that they were far more familiar with during the development process.

What did you think of the project’s rate of progress?
The project outline was created before the project was started, it was followed throughout the development process and we were kept up to date on the progress through the project development thread. We knew exactly when it was going to be done and if there were any issues that had to be resolved throughout the development.

What did you think of the overall quality of work?
Not only was the project done in a timely manner it was also complete with the best quality imaginable, our website screams professionalism.

Were you able to reach a HOSTRINGS representative when you had a question or comment?
The thread that was created for the communication purposes between us and the HOSTRINGS team served as the main communication source for the project however we always knew that we can pick up the phone and speak with the project manager directly and resolve any issues or concerns that way.

How would you rate your interactions with the HOSTRINGS representatives?
The interactions with the representatives and developers themselves could not have been any better. They were always friendly full of useful advice and most important of all they were always reachable!

How would you rate your overall experience with HOSTRINGS?
Out of this world, phenomenal, extraordinary, astonishing are just a few adjectives of many that I can use to describe the experience with HOSTRINGS. They went above and beyond all expectations in every single facet of the project.

What do you think of the overall value of the services provided by HOSTRINGS?
To say that you get the most bang for your buck with HOSTRINGS would be an understatement. They exceed all of your expectations from the get go and continue doing it over and over again.

Finally, would you use HOSTRINGS again and suggest HOSTRINGS to friends and colleagues?
We started recommending HOSTRINGS for web development needs of our partners way before our project was even complete. Nothing has changed since then, we will continue to do so and plan on using HOSTRINGS for our future web development and support purposes as well!

- Andre Kostylev
PackMan Imaging

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful our experience has been with Hostrings Corporation! We got exactly what we needed, in the time we needed it and it only got better when I discovered your attention to detail, customer relationship and even your global awareness! We are proud to tell clients we work with a company like yours and we will continue to be loyal customer indefinitely...

- Nikki Loria
Elegance International School of Makeup

This is not a traditional testimonial in the fact that I could type an essay about how happy I am, and how truly amazing this experience has been for all of us, and we plan to use them for each and every idea we have from this point moving forward. Hostrings is a true asset to any business. Sometimes I feel like an employee of theirs when showing off our companies website! I spend the majority of the conversation explaining how this all came about and how we still sit in awe at the fact that we found someone who could actually create something of this quality within our budget!

I might possibly be the happiest client you will ever meet.
When a company can get a person with my "I'm perfect" mentality to write a testimonial please believe me in saying that in a world full of website companies, they greatly outrank the competition.

I want to share a little bit about my journey finding Hostrings. I have used multiple website companies in the past, and not to discredit anyone, but Hostrings was the first company to have someone answer the phone who was friendly, and more important a genuine people person. After calling many companies for many hours and getting many answering machines I tried Hostrings and Drew picked up the phone. When you contact their company, they answer the phone, and if they do not answer you WILL hear from them within a short time period. After my initial conversation with Drew, our project coordinator, they followed up with a near immediate response, which I found amazing because many other companies told me it would take much more time.

Now to be fair to everyone I will admit that I can be quite a pain to work with and I have a very strong opinion. I am one of those people who knows the very best way to do absolutely everything. After the initial site sample came back, I knew I had found the right company. I simply gave up thinking, I knew better because each and every time I needed something, I explained it and they created something I could not have even dreamed of!

I was the guy who submitted a design of exactly what I "thought" I wanted, and they came back with something that I would consider mind-boggling! I know I may seem to stress the point of how happy I am, but I can't express the importance of a professional website. I want to offer that bit of advice to all people looking to design one, do not cut your corners on this avenue of your business, it is the face of your company, and with that being said Hostrings is the best face lift you can receive.

I will be the first to admit that no company is perfect, which is the best feature I can mention about Hostrings, they are not perfect, yet they listened to each and every detail about what I knew I wanted, and things that I thought I may like but was not sure. After explaining everything to Drew, and watching their teamwork, it gave our company a new life. It really has inspired us and opened so many doors within our industry. Each one of our customers who visit our site are simply awestruck at the level of detail in each page, yet the user friendly atmosphere it portrays! I invite each and everyone of you to visit our page, and you can contact our office directly and each person in our office can tell you about our phenomenal experience with Hostrings.

After viewing the completed site, or at least the demo version, the excitement was only getting started. I must share with you my previous experience with having a website developed by "a friend" or "a friend of a friend" and then once the site is up you can make zero updates on your own, you have no say in anything about the content updating, etc. But with Hostrings's fantastic and user-friendly content management system, it allows you to be in control of your site.

For those of you who visit our site, I want to suggest checking our the calendar page that is located under "search event by date" and just imagine us coming to them with an idea of managing all of this content with absolutely no idea how. They created this entire thing from thin air with nothing but a few pointers from us as to what we wanted.

If I knew someone who was making a website I would not suggest anywhere but Hostrings. They give you the very best, and they help turn your ideas into a customer friendly atmosphere, as well as suggest ways to better utilize your existing products and services. Their design has improved our business so much that I could never even think of using another company for my web design. I truly felt by the end of our first project that I had actually became friends with our coordinator and would recommend my own mother to use Hostrings! :)

Your Biggest Fan,

Chad Scott

and the entire Pack-Man Imaging Team

- Chad Scott
PackMan Imaging

Since we have contracted Hostrings in 2007 we have had a very positive experience with our website. My communication with the staff at Hostrings is smooth and efficient, emails and phone calls are returned promptly. Whenever an issue arises I have confidence in Hostrings to provide the solution."

- Liz Martinez
Director, Theatre of Arts

We gave HOSTRINGS a complex and evolving project and we’re very pleased with the results. We really put them to the test and they passed. Our site has never looked better. On top of the vastly improved front-end appearance, the back-end they built is easy to use and saves us hours every week. Now they’re our first thought on new projects.

- Mark Hamilton
Pulse Distribution, LLC.